38 killed in a day due to lightning strikes in UP as rain batters state

On Wednesday, lightning strikes in various parts of Uttar Pradesh claimed the lives of at least 38 persons. The state is now dealing with floods, which have stopped regular activity, and reports of fatalities have surfaced.

Pratapgarh had the highest number of lightning-related deaths with eleven, followed by Sultanpur with seven, Chandauli with six, Mainpuri with five, Prayagraj with four, and Auraiya, Deoria, Hathras, Varanasi with one. Additionally, several individuals in these regions have sustained burn injuries.

The fatalities occurred in five distinct locations in Pratapgarh; the corpses were gathered and submitted for postmortem examination.

Meanwhile, several individuals were hurt in Chandauli, eastern Uttar Pradesh, and are receiving medical attention at the district hospital at this time. Between 4 and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, the district saw a lot of rain and lightning. The majority of the victims—two 13- and 15-year-old cousins among them—were hit by lightning while out fishing or working on the farm.

Three of the seven people who died in Sultanpur were youngsters. The victims were hit by lightning when fetching water, picking mangoes, or planting paddies. On Wednesday, when it was pouring severely, one lady sought cover behind a tree but was hit by lightning and killed instantly.

In Auraiya, a fourteen-year-old kid perished while seeking cover from the rain behind a mango tree. A 5-year-old girl in Deoria lost her life after being hit by lightning as she was making her way to the agricultural field where her relatives were already gathered. Two brothers were struck by lightning in Varanasi; one brother died from burns, while the other is now receiving treatment.

However, during the following five days, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts that Uttar Pradesh and the states and union territories of its borders will continue to get extensive rainfall.

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