Bengaluru woman orders Xbox controller online but receives cobra instead

In a bizarre and unsettling incident, a Bengaluru woman named Tanvi found a snake in her Amazon package. She had ordered a Microbox Xbox controller, but what she received on June 18 was far more than she bargained for. The shocking discovery quickly became a hot topic on social media, highlighting the crucial issue of safety in online shopping.

The Shocking Discovery

Tanvi placed an order for a Microbox Xbox controller on Amazon India on June 16. Excited to receive her package, she opened it on June 18, only to find a snake inside the box. Overwhelmed with shock and disbelief, she took to social media to share her experience. Posting a video on X (formerly Twitter), she captioned it, “Ordered an Xbox controller from @amazonIN and received a free snake with it!”

Customer Support Response

Immediately after the discovery, Tanvi and her husband contacted Amazon’s customer support. However, their attempts were met with frustration as they were put on hold for over two hours. It was the middle of the night, and they had to handle the situation on their own. Eventually, Amazon responded to Tanvi’s post on X, apologizing for the inconvenience and requesting more details to investigate the issue.

Social Media Reactions

Tanvi’s post quickly went viral, attracting a plethora of comments from concerned users. Some compared it to other bizarre delivery incidents, such as Zomato delivering a severed finger and Air India serving a blade in an inflight meal. One user humorously remarked, “Looks like Amazon took their name a bit too literally this time. Instead of a controller, you got a whole wildlife adventure!”

Amazon’s Accountability

This incident raises serious questions about Amazon’s quality control and packaging processes. While the company has refunded Tanvi’s order, the occurrence underscores the need for stricter oversight to prevent such incidents. It’s not the first time Amazon has faced complaints regarding its delivery standards. Similar issues have been reported in the past, leading customers to question Amazon’s accountability.

Impact on the Customer

The psychological impact of finding a snake in her package was undoubtedly significant for Tanvi and her husband. Such an experience can cause anxiety and mistrust towards online shopping platforms. Financially, although they received a refund, the inconvenience and distress they endured can’t be overlooked. Incidents like this erode consumer trust, making people wary of future purchases.

Similar Incidents

This isn’t an isolated case. There have been several reports of customers receiving unexpected and sometimes hazardous items. Last month, an Amazon customer named Rohan Das claimed he received a used Lenovo laptop instead of a new one. These recurring incidents point to systemic issues that need urgent addressing.

Preventive Measures

To prevent such occurrences, companies like Amazon need to implement more rigorous quality control checks. Improved packaging techniques and better monitoring of the supply chain can help ensure that products reach customers safely. Consumers can also take steps to safeguard themselves by checking seller ratings and reviews before making a purchase.

The Power of Social Media

The incident with Tanvi highlights the significant role social media plays in amplifying consumer complaints. Platforms like X provide a space for customers to voice their grievances, often leading to quicker resolutions. Social media acts as a powerful tool in holding companies accountable and ensuring consumer rights are protected.

Legal Implications

Consumers have rights when they receive unsafe or incorrect items. Legal frameworks are in place to protect customers and offer recourse in such situations. If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, it’s essential to know your rights and the steps you can take to seek redress.

Amazon’s Reputation

Incidents like these can tarnish Amazon’s reputation, impacting customer loyalty and trust. The company must take proactive steps to address these issues, enhance their quality control processes, and reassure customers of their commitment to safety and reliability.

Global vs. Local Issues

While such incidents can happen anywhere, their frequency might vary by region. Comparing Amazon’s performance across different countries can provide insights into where the company needs to improve its operations. Regional differences in logistics and quality control might explain why some areas experience more issues than others.


The incident involving Tanvi and the snake in her Amazon package is a stark reminder of the challenges and risks associated with online shopping. While e-commerce platforms offer convenience, they must also ensure safety and reliability. Customers trust these platforms with their purchases, and it’s the responsibility of companies like Amazon to maintain that trust through stringent quality control and excellent customer service.

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