Amazon is set to test Agility's bipedal robot, Digit, at its nationwide fulfillment centers 

The move is a part of Amazon's exploration of robotics for warehouse and factory work 

Agility was one of the first five recipients of Amazon's $1 billion Industrial Innovation Fund, indicating Amazon's interest in its technology 

Amazon Robotics chief technologist Tye Brady expressed interest in walking robots and the possibilities they offer 

Amazon has primarily used wheeled autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) since its acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012 

Amazon's automation efforts have put pressure on the industry to meet customer expectations for faster deliveries 

The company's interest in humanoid robots raises questions about how they will integrate into their operations at a massive scale 

Several startups, including 1X, Figure, and Tesla, are competing in the field of humanoid robotics 

Digit's design is less human-like but has significant funding and a head start in development 

The success or failure of Digit in Amazon's operations could influence the future of humanoid robots and automation