Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous action star, still grapples with body image concerns at the age of 76 

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Schwarzenegger humorously mentioned how he reflects on his aging body in the mirror daily, acknowledging the changes 

He lamented the loss of his once firm and powerful pectoral muscles and expressed confusion about the transformation of his physique as he ages 

The former California governor pointed out that it's challenging to witness the deterioration of his iconic body, especially after being celebrated for his physical prowess 

Schwarzenegger's insecurities about his body date back to his bodybuilding days, as revealed in his Netflix documentary series "Arnold 

In the documentary, he admitted to never being fully satisfied with his physique, even during his prime 

Schwarzenegger recounted that he used to doubt how his seemingly imperfect body could win competitions, driving him to constantly strive for improvement 

Jason Nagata, a pediatrics professor, warned that bodybuilders, like Schwarzenegger, are at a higher risk of developing muscle dysmorphia due to the pursuit of an ideal physique 

Nagata explained that the relentless pursuit of perfection, competitiveness, and the need for control contribute to this risk among bodybuilders 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's lifelong struggle with body image and self-doubt was highlighted in a 2016 interview where he confessed to never seeing perfection when he looked in the mirror, which fueled his dedication to the gym