Becky Lynch, "The Man," defended the NXT Women's Championship against Tegan Nox in a thrilling WWE Raw showdown 

The match showcased incredible athleticism and was a grand spectacle for pro wrestling fans 

Becky Lynch's victory was not just a personal triumph but a demonstration of WWE's commitment to making contenders 

WWE doesn't just make champions; it also elevates the status of its competitors 

Tony Khan of AEW, with his billionaire resources, can't replicate the dedication and values of true wrestling seen in WWE 

AEW may entice talent, but it falls short in capturing the essence of the wrestling business 

Tegan Nox's defeat was not the focus; the match highlighted her resilience and spirit 

In WWE, even in defeat, performers project powerful, crowd-pleasing performances 

AEW, under Tony Khan's direction, seems more focused on cheap theatrics than genuine wrestling 

WWE and AEW represent a significant difference in approach and ethics in the world of professional wrestling