A recent study by Soliant Health ranks the best and worst U.S. states for mental health based on various factors 

The study considered elements like the frequency of "bad mental health days," access to mental health providers, and youth unemployment 

The top three states for mental health are Nebraska, Connecticut, and Massachusetts 

Nebraska secured the top spot due to its low youth unemployment rate, with an impressive score of 85.2 out of 100 

West Virginia is ranked as the worst state for mental health in the U.S 

Alabama struggles with a poor mental health provider-to-population ratio and high instances of mentally unhealthy days 

Arkansas performed poorly in categories including exercise opportunities, disconnected youth rate, and air pollution 

California excelled in exercise opportunities but suffered from high air pollution levels 

New Jersey's commitment to mental health, including a 988 hotline and mental health services for students, earned it a top spot 

Regular physical activity is emphasized for mental well-being, as it can lead to lower rates of depression and anxiety