President Biden visited Israel to show American support, while President Putin was in Beijing, highlighting the evolving global political landscape 

Russia's invasion of Ukraine significantly reshaped global politics and is reflected in the Gaza conflict 

Russia, China, and Iran were already forming a diplomatic and economic axis related to Ukraine 

Russia relies on Iranian weapons and Chinese diplomatic support in its conflict with Ukraine 

Iran seeks new trading partners and international legitimacy through these alliances 

China, facing economic challenges, benefits by importing oil from countries under Western sanctions 

These nations share a common goal of challenging the existing international order dominated by the West 

They openly express grievances about past practices while accusing each other of hypocrisy 

The Israel-Hamas conflict highlights differences between the West and the Russia-China-Iran axis 

These differences extend beyond blame for violence and concern the definition of global relations and rules, driving polarization between Western democracies and the authoritarian camp