The White House is concerned about a potential government shutdown and wants to shift blame onto House Republicans 

House Republicans have struggled to pass a funding package, risking a shutdown and disregarding a bipartisan spending agreement 

President Joe Biden hopes to gain public support for his stance on the shutdown, but political polarization complicates matters 

Biden's presidency faces challenges, including low poll numbers and economic concerns, as he seeks re-election 

If Congress doesn't pass a spending bill by Saturday, federal workers won't be paid, air travel may be disrupted, and food benefits could stop for vulnerable families 

White House budget director Shalanda Young denies any responsibility for the shutdown, blaming Republicans for their actions 

Senior adviser Anita Dunn attributes the looming shutdown to extreme House Republicans and emphasizes holding them accountable 

The crisis stems from a previous standoff over raising the debt limit and deeper spending cut demands by some House Republicans 

The White House refuses to negotiate further, insisting that House Republicans honor the existing agreement 

Public opinion on the shutdown is divided, with some blaming Biden and Democrats, while conflicting priorities in the federal budget complicate the issue