Gas prices in California soared to an average of $6.08 per gallon on Friday, marking an increase of 80 cents or 15% in just one month, as reported by AAA 

In some Los Angeles gas stations, prices have surged to nearly $7.00 per gallon, causing financial strain for drivers 

The average gas price in California is a staggering 55% higher than the national average, according to data from AAA 

For those in Fresno County, the cheapest option is at Mono Winds Casino Fuel in Auberry, where regular fuel costs $4.61 per gallon, as per GasBuddy 

Following closely, 76 and 7-Eleven in Clovis offer gas at $5.05 per gallon, while Fuel Up at Shaw Ave and First Street in Fresno stands at $5.15 a gallon 

Residents like Joseph Moore express frustration as $25 only provides him with 4 gallons of gas, barely enough to reach the next gas station 

Inflation is taking a toll on everyday life, with rising costs in groceries, gas, and rent, leaving many, like Alline Carlson, feeling trapped financially 

Citizens are urging legislators to take action to address the escalating gas prices and the impact on their livelihoods 

The surge in gas prices in California is attributed to a combination of increased crude oil costs and disruptions in refinery capacity, according to industry analysts 

California's refineries have faced issues due to weather-related damage and maintenance delays, contributing to the state's high gas prices