Fentanyl is responsible for nearly 20 deaths per day in California, prompting state health officials to invest millions in combating the opioid crisis 

Questions have arisen among state lawmakers regarding the $40 million allocated to an advertising firm based in Sacramento for awareness campaigns 

The bipartisan bills aimed at addressing the fentanyl crisis faced funding concerns, contributing to their collapse 

In 2022, fentanyl claimed the lives of a record-breaking 6,095 Californians, devastating numerous families 

The "Choose Change California" campaign, initiated in 2019, has reached over 4.2 billion impressions across various media, targeting diverse communities 

Some individuals on the front lines of the epidemic, like Twan Lewis in Oakland, claim they never encountered these ads 

State lawmakers expressed surprise at the campaign's existence and the hefty price tag attached to it, with $30 million added to the initial $10 million 

Some legislators argue that investing in life-saving treatments like Narcan is more cost-effective than funding a media campaign 

Critics point out that the campaign's outreach may not effectively reach the unhoused population affected by fentanyl addiction