A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction to block the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (CAADCA) 

The CAADCA aimed to establish data protection measures for underage internet users 

The judge, Beth Freeman, ruled that the CAADCA likely violates the First Amendment 

Multiple state-level internet regulations have been blocked pending lawsuits, some potentially reaching the Supreme Court 

The CAADCA sought to expand existing laws, such as COPPA, governing data collection from children online 

Judge Freeman objected to provisions of the CAADCA, claiming they could infringe on legal speech 

The requirement to estimate visitors' ages to detect underage users raised concerns about invasive technology like face scans 

The CAADCA offered sites an alternative of applying data collection standards for minors to all users 

California has passed various bills regulating online content, with ongoing legal challenges 

The Supreme Court's involvement in blocking state-level laws underscores the debate over state control on the internet, with the Biden administration advocating against certain provisions