Each rental car company has its own policies regarding the types of credit cards they accept for reservations 

Some companies only accept major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, while others may accept other types of credit cards, including secured credit cards 

It’s important to check with the rental car company you plan to use to see if they accept secured credit cards for reservations 

Even if a rental car company accepts secured credit cards for reservations, you’ll need to make sure that your card’s terms allow for this type of transaction 

Some secured credit cards have restrictions on where they can be used, such as only for purchases within the United States 

Other cards may have restrictions on the amount of credit available for certain types of transactions, including rental car reservations 

It’s important to review your card’s terms and conditions or contact your card issuer to confirm whether you can use your secured credit card for a rental car reservation 

If you’re not able to use your secured credit card for a rental car reservation, there are alternative options