Tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sam Altman, and Sundar Pichai discussed AI risks in a Senate hearing 

One proposal is to create a federal regulatory commission for AI oversight 

Some CEOs, like Sam Altman, support AI regulation 

The author argues that regulating AI is challenging due to its rapidly evolving nature 

Comparisons are made to regulating tools used in crimes, suggesting focusing on the criminals instead 

Concerns about AI involvement in financial crimes, privacy violations, racial bias, and more are raised 

The author questions the need for new regulations and agencies, emphasizing the importance of existing legal systems 

AI's international nature is highlighted, with concerns about regulatory variations between countries 

The author suggests focusing on harmful outcomes rather than regulating specific AI technologies 

Instead of physical metaphors like "guardrails," the author argues for a focus on supporting AI research and using existing laws when necessary