Gen Z often exaggerates their proficiency in Excel or Powerpoint when seeking jobs, later learning these skills on the job 

Gen Z believes they need better training in skills that employers demand rather than just soft skills 

A survey by Adobe reveals that 48% of Gen Z wants more hard skills training at work 

Only 33% of Gen Z expresses a desire for more soft skills training 

The pandemic has affected social skills for everyone, especially the younger generation in the workplace 

Managers are concerned that Gen Z's soft skills, like communication and networking, have been compromised by remote learning 

Some consulting firms are offering etiquette classes to help Gen Z bridge the soft skills gap 

Gen Z feels that their current job roles do not fully utilize their skill set 

Many believe that the education system failed to provide them with the digital skills needed for career advancement 

Gen Z faces a gap in tech education resources, with disparities between lower-income and affluent students widening during the pandemic