Joe Trippi emphasizes the contrast between a hardworking individual who gets things done quietly and someone like Trump who thrives on chaos 

Despite Biden's initial support for the union, it did not fully satisfy the union's expectations 

A Democratic labor strategist suggests that the White House is facing challenges in dealing with the union, and there is confusion about the union's desires 

Biden's attempt to use a playbook that worked in other labor disputes, involving his deputies, has not led to a resolution so far 

After a UAW strike on September 15, Biden sent representatives to Detroit to mediate talks between the UAW and major automakers 

Some involved in the negotiations expressed concerns that Biden's team might be seen as interfering, despite promises to the contrary 

UAW President Ray Curry accused Biden's team of trying to interject themselves into the negotiations 

The strike presents a delicate situation for Biden, as he needs the support of the UAW, which is based in the critical battleground state of Michigan 

The UAW has withheld its endorsement from Biden for now, though it has ruled out supporting Trump 

The White House spokesperson highlights Biden's strong pro-union stance, emphasizing his commitment to unions as the backbone of the middle class