The House Republican Party is currently in a state of disarray, with significant implications for the US government's functioning and global image 

The selection of the next House Speaker is causing a feud within the GOP, risking weakening the speaker's authority 

Steve Scalise, the current majority leader, was nominated for House Speaker, but he struggled to secure the necessary votes for his speakership 

Scalise's vote tally on the day of his nomination fell well short of the 217 votes needed for him to become the speaker on the floor 

The GOP's internal divisions are sending a message of incompetence to moderate voters in swing districts, which the party needs to hold in 2024 

The ongoing leadership struggle is playing into the hands of adversaries who argue that US power is waning, especially during global crises 

Kevin McCarthy's tenure as speaker was marked by challenges in appeasing hardline factions within the party 

Several high-profile Republicans expressed reservations about Scalise, citing concerns about his health and past associations 

Assuming Scalise becomes the speaker, he will face challenges in achieving spending cuts and legislative accomplishments with a Democratic-controlled Senate and White House 

The House Republican Party's leadership struggles are complex and far from resolved, posing obstacles to effective governance