Li Auto, a prominent Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, achieved its sixth consecutive monthly sales record in September, driven by strong demand in the world's largest EV market 

In September, Li Auto delivered 36,060 vehicles, marking a 3.3% increase compared to the previous month and a remarkable 212.7% year-on-year growth 

During the third quarter, Li Auto shipped a total of 105,108 vehicles, showing an impressive 296.3% increase compared to the same period last year 

From January to September, Li Auto handed over 244,225 vehicles to customers, reflecting the company's significant market presence and growth 

Li Auto's Li L series saw monthly deliveries exceeding 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months, showcasing the popularity of these models 

The Li L series received a software update in September, coinciding with the completion of over 100 supercharging stations across China's highways, enhancing the charging infrastructure 

Chinese customers, enticed by competitive pricing, returned to the EV market after a price war initiated by Tesla ended in May 

Li Auto, along with Nio and Xpeng, is considered one of China's top contenders in the premium EV segment, offering a compelling alternative to Tesla 

Xpeng reported delivering 15,310 smart EVs in September, with consistent monthly growth since February, although sales of its new SUV, the Xpeng G6, declined in September 

The Chinese EV market continues to thrive, with growth expected to continue due to an expanding charging network and the launch of new intelligent EV models, according to industry experts