The writer grew up in an upper-middle-class household and received a great education.

Despite the family's emphasis on marrying for money, the writer chose to work hard in a lucrative field and earned a significant amount of money.

The writer married someone they love, who is not the wealthy partner their family expected.

The mentality of marrying a rich man irritates the writer, and they sometimes feel inferior for their chosen path.

The writer wonders if this mentality is universal or just specific to their family.

The advice given suggests that while some people think marrying for money is normal, others find it absurd.

The writer's choices and belief in them are seen as a victory against the societal trope.

Retraining the negative thoughts and counteracting them with healthier thoughts is suggested to overcome self-consciousness.

If family members voice disapproval, silence, a death stare, or direct confrontation can be used as a response.

Readers' thoughts include the dangers of marrying a rich but abusive partner and the importance of self-respect and autonomy in supporting oneself.