Starbucks accused a union representing baristas of damaging their brand and endangering co-workers with a pro-Palestinian tweet 

The CEO of a tech conference resigned amid backlash for suggesting that Israel was committing war crimes 

Company bosses vowed not to hire members of a university's student groups that condemned Israel 

Islamic rights advocates argue that corporate responses have minimized the suffering in Gaza and created a fear for workers who support Palestinians 

Jewish groups criticized tepid responses to a Hamas attack that killed 1,400 people in Israel 

U.S. corporations, especially in tech and finance, have strong ties with Israel and condemned Hamas attacks 

Some CEOs expressed personal anguish and launched humanitarian relief campaigns 

Backlash against opposing views was swift, leading to resignations and boycotts of events 

Some company leaders vowed not to hire students who blamed Israel for the violence 

The situation has led to a divisive atmosphere in workplaces, with employees fearing the consequences of expressing their views on the Israel-Hamas conflict