Peter Hurter, the Finance Director of Crimson Tide, has decided to leave the company to pursue other career opportunities 

Hurter has made significant contributions to Crimson Tide during his tenure and played a vital role in shaping the company's financial landscape 

Shaun Mullen, the current head of finance, will be taking over as the new Finance Director 

Mullen's appointment is a testament to his strong performance and expertise in the financial sector 

Mullen's strategic mindset and ability to analyze complex financial data will drive the company's financial growth 

In addition to his role as Finance Director, Mullen will also join the board of Crimson Tide 

Mullen's appointment as a board member highlights his contributions and expertise within the company 

Mullen will also assume the role of company secretary, showcasing his ability to handle multiple responsibilities efficiently 

Despite leaving his position, Peter Hurter will continue to work with Crimson Tide as a consultant 

Crimson Tide aims to ensure a smooth transition and leverage Hurter's knowledge and expertise even after his departure