T-Mobile is not to blame for the recent breach, as it was a third-party retailer, Connectivity Source, that suffered the data leak 

Connectivity Source, a major T-Mobile authorized retailer with numerous stores in the United States, had over 90GB of data leaked onto the hacking forum BreachForums 

Contrary to initial reports, T-Mobile confirmed that the breach did not compromise T-Mobile employee data, as per The Mobile Report 

The leaked information included sensitive employee details such as names, IDs, email addresses, login IDs, and Social Security Numbers 

Additionally, the breach exposed sales data, support call records with T-Mobile customers, employee credentials, and unspecified customer information 

Connectivity Source had disclosed a breach in May, with data stolen in April. It is possible that this stolen data has only now surfaced online, with no new breach reported 

A total of 17,835 current and former employees were affected by the breach, though not a massive breach, it is still a significant number 

The stolen data could be highly valuable to malicious actors, potentially granting access to Connectivity Source's internal systems or aiding in SIM swap attacks 

Protecting sensitive employee information remains crucial, even when breaches affect third-party partners like Connectivity Source 

Cybersecurity vigilance and proactive measures are essential to prevent future data breaches and safeguard customer and employee data