Check your credit reports to confirm that you owe no debts before taking action against debt collection calls 

Engaging with a collection agency can potentially trigger increased collection efforts, especially if you owe money 

Since you don't owe any money, you can send a letter to the agency stating that you don't owe the debt and request them to stop contacting you 

Seek advice from debt experts if you owe money, can't afford to pay it back, and are concerned about potential legal action 

Age is not a restriction for contributing to a retirement fund; your teenagers can start their own retirement accounts if they earn enough 

Make sure to hire a financial advisor who acts as a fiduciary and prioritizes your interests over their own 

Some advisors may operate under a lower "suitability" standard, potentially recommending investments that benefit them more than you 

Consider target date mutual funds offered by your investing firm, as they adjust the investment mix based on your retirement date 

Robo-advisors can also handle investment management using computer algorithms, eliminating the need for a human advisor 

If you have broader financial questions beyond investment management, seek the assistance of a fiduciary advisor for a fee or through your discount brokerage