Disney Salute veteran affinity group and Disney VoluntEARS decorate the Orlando Fisher House for the holidays as part of their annual tradition 

The Orlando Fisher House is one of 96 comfort homes across the U.S., built by the Fisher House Foundation, providing complimentary lodging for military and veterans' families during medical care 

Disney actively participates in VoluntEARS activities supporting Fisher House, bringing joy and happiness to veteran families during challenging times 

Since 2019, Disney Salute veteran group collaborates with Walt Disney World External Affairs to bring Disney resort holiday decorations to Orlando Fisher House, creating a magical atmosphere for veterans and their families 

U.S. Air Force veteran and Orlando Fisher House General Manager, George Denby, expresses how the holiday decor by Disney is a special and cherished tradition, bringing happiness when needed the most 

The Walt Disney Company, founded by two World War I veterans, honors military service through initiatives like SALUTE, supporting not only cast members but also the broader military and veteran community through volunteerism 

Veronica Lokken, a Senior Financial Analyst for Disneyland Sales, emphasizes the personal importance of supporting veterans, given her spouse's service and her father's military background 

This year, Disney made the tradition more special by delivering a $25 thousand Disney Grant from Walt Disney World Resort to the Fisher House, contributing to improvements for the guests 

George expresses gratitude for the generous donation, highlighting its potential to enhance the Fisher House facilities for guests while their loved ones receive care 

Disney, over its 100-year history, has celebrated and supported the U.S. military and their families in various ways, with community volunteering being one of the ways cast members honor those who have served in the military