Drake recently announced his plans to take a break from making music to prioritize his health 

The "God's Plan" rapper shared this decision during his SiriusXM radio show "Table for One 

This announcement coincided with the release of his new album, "For All The Dogs 

The 36-year-old artist revealed he has been dealing with stomach problems for years and emphasized the importance of focusing on health 

Halle Berry criticized Drake for using her image to promote his new song, expressing disappointment in his actions 

Drake mentioned that he has other non-music-related projects and interests to pursue during his hiatus 

He hinted at locking himself in the studio for an unspecified period, possibly a year or longer 

Drake described his new album succinctly, saying, "Please don't ask me what I feel if you can't handle the real 

He playfully took a dig at his exes, highlighting their lack of understanding of hard work 

Drake, who began his music career as a teenager, released his first studio album in 2010 and has been on tour with "It's All a Blur," ending in Chicago 

He also published a book of poetry last summer titled "Title Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness by Aubrey Graham," using his real name