Global shares fell on Monday due to concerns about central banks signaling that interest rates would remain higher for an extended period 

Last week, investors faced mixed signals from central banks regarding rate hikes 

The European Central Bank and the Bank of England suggested they might not raise rates, while the Federal Reserve kept rates unchanged, with Chair Jerome Powell expressing caution 

The MSCI All-World index experienced a 3.6% drop, making it its worst monthly performance of the year 

U.S. 10-year Treasury yields reached 4.5%, the highest since October 2007, raising concerns about the economic outlook 

Investors are becoming concerned about market stability as economic uncertainties persist 

Cracks in the market are emerging, especially as the oil price approaches $100 per barrel and non-tech stocks struggle to gain traction 

Multiple challenges, including an autoworkers' strike, a possible government shutdown, and rising energy prices, are adding to economic uncertainties 

The Chinese economy is also a source of caution for investors, with S&P lowering growth forecasts due to limited fiscal and monetary stimulus 

The dollar index continues to rise as investors anticipate prolonged inflation and restrictive monetary policies