Ford Motor acknowledges the presence of significant gaps in key economic matters during labor negotiations with the United Auto Workers 

Ford emphasizes that these economic issues are interconnected and should be part of a comprehensive agreement to ensure mutual success 

The UAW had previously mentioned making real progress in discussions with Ford, but they have not yet responded to Ford's statement 

In contrast, the UAW has expanded strikes to 38 parts distribution centers for General Motors (GM) and Stellantis while it remains uncertain if main table bargaining occurred over the weekend 

The UAW initiated simultaneous strikes on September 15th at assembly plants for the Detroit Three automakers after the expiration of previous labor deals, subsequently increasing the number of striking workers 

UAW President Shawn Fain noted improvements in Ford's contract offer, such as increased profit sharing and strike rights over plant closures, but significant issues still need resolution 

Both the Detroit Three automakers and the UAW have differing proposals for raises, workweeks, pensions, and addressing wage disparities between new and experienced employees 

President Joe Biden plans to visit Michigan to support workers and visit a UAW picket line, while former President Donald Trump is addressing the UAW strike in Clinton Township, Michigan 

GM had to idle its Kansas car plant due to parts shortages resulting from the strike, leading to temporary furloughs of 2,000 Kansas workers, while Stellantis also temporarily laid off employees in Ohio and Indiana 

The labor negotiations between Ford and the UAW remain ongoing, with both sides working to reach a new labor agreement amidst the ongoing strikes in the automotive industry