Tim Hortons is honoring Remembrance Day by providing free hot beverages to veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members across Canada 

This gesture is a recognition of the sacrifices made by numerous veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces for the country 

On November 11, Tims restaurant owners will extend this offer to any veterans or Canadian Armed Forces members, whether in uniform or with appropriate identification 

Eligible individuals can choose a free hot beverage of their choice, available in any size on this special Saturday 

Axel Schwan, the president of Tim Hortons, expresses the company's commitment to reflecting on the sacrifices made by veterans and Armed Forces members each year 

The annual tradition involves pausing to acknowledge and appreciate the service of these individuals to Canada 

Tim Hortons eagerly anticipates welcoming veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members on November 11 

The company aims to express gratitude for their service by offering a small token – a complimentary hot beverage 

This initiative not only recognizes the contributions of veterans but also fosters a sense of appreciation within the community 

Tim Hortons sees this gesture as a meaningful way to show gratitude to those who have served and continue to serve the nation