Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz approached a Democratic lawmaker on the House floor to discuss his rebellion against Speaker Kevin McCarthy's speakership 

Gaetz's motivation for his rebellion includes a desire for new leadership that values honesty and regular order 

Gaetz suggested veteran Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and House GOP Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota as alternative examples of leadership 

There have been internal discussions among Democrats about various potential asks, ranging from power-sharing agreements to policy ideas 

Gaetz has been actively engaging with Democrats, including progressive members, as he seeks support for his efforts 

Despite discussions, Gaetz hasn't offered any concessions to Democrats in exchange for their help 

GOP moderates and pragmatic members are also working with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown and potentially save McCarthy's speakership 

Democrats now find themselves in a position of influence within the ongoing Republican civil war, as their votes could sway the outcome 

Democratic leaders advise caution in taking a position on McCarthy's speakership, recognizing the significant impact it could have on the House and their party 

Gaetz knows he needs the support of most House Democrats to succeed in ousting McCarthy, but the outcome remains uncertain, with timing and concessions playing critical roles in their decisions