A Credit Karma report shows that Gen Z adults are moving away from credit cards and adopting a traditional budgeting method called cash stuffing 

Cash usage among Gen Z has increased by 69% compared to the previous year 

Cash stuffing involves taking out expenses in cash to ensure sticking to the budgeted amount 

Gen Z feels the pain of expenses when using cash, which helps them adhere to their budget 

Gen Z recognizes the current state of personal finance as problematic and seeks better financial control 

Cash stuffing entails dividing monthly income into categorized envelopes, including "give," "save," and "spend 

The strategy prompts individuals to allocate their earnings into the most effective and sensible envelope option 

Gen Z is proud of taking control of their budget and implementing cash stuffing 

Using cash adds friction and activates the brain's pain centers, making spending more conscious 

Gen Z values the ability to feel their purchases, be in control of their finances, and make smart choices