General Motors seeks volunteers among salaried, nonunion employees for potential strike situations at its parts distribution centers 

The strike officially began at noon on a Friday after a warning from UAW President Shawn Fain regarding contract negotiations 

Approximately 5,600 employees at GM and Stellantis parts distribution centers across 38 locations nationwide joined the picket line 

Ford Motor Co. avoided the strike expansion due to progress in negotiations and offering concessions on issues like wage adjustments 

An internal email from GM to team leaders requested volunteers to help pack and ship parts in case of a work stoppage 

The email indicated GM's need for temporary assistance, depending on the strike's duration 

GM spokesman Pat Morrissey did not deny the existence of the email and mentioned having contingency plans 

Labor expert Art Wheaton from Cornell University expressed concerns about asking untrained workers to cross picket lines 

The Teamsters announced they would not cross picket lines, potentially complicating the transportation of parts 

Despite potential challenges, GM may proceed with using replacement workers to address contingency situations during strikes