Southern California drivers are grappling with soaring gas prices 

As of Monday morning, the average cost of a regular gallon of gas in Los Angeles was approximately $5.92 

This marks a 5-cent increase from the previous day and an almost 40-cent surge in just one week 

In contrast, the national average for gas stands at $3.88 per gallon 

There is hope for relief on the horizon as prices may gradually decrease with the arrival of fall, as per AAA 

The main factor contributing to high gas prices currently is the elevated cost of oil, which hovers around $90 per barrel 

AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross explained that while oil costs are pushing pump prices up, lower demand due to schools being in session, shorter days, and less favorable weather is somewhat mitigating the rise 

It's worth noting that even though prices are high, they have not yet reached the record highs seen a year ago 

On October 5, 2022, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline peaked at $6.49