Federal Funding Supports Development of Tools to Safeguard Animals from Bovine Tuberculosis (209 characters) Bioimaging Research Solutions Inc. receives $1 million to create AI-based technology for disease surveillance, safeguarding livestock and boosting Canada's beef exports

Enhancing Disease Surveillance: Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health (201 characters) Bioimaging Research Solutions Inc. pioneers AI system to improve disease surveillance in slaughter plants, addressing bovine tuberculosis risks to animal and public health

Revolutionizing Livestock Health: AI Technology for Disease Detection (209 characters) With $1 million funding, Bioimaging Research Solutions Inc. develops innovative AI technology to protect livestock from bovine tuberculosis, ensuring market access for Canadian beef

GoodLeaf Farms Secures $78 Million Financing for Sustainable Indoor Farming Expansion (193 characters) GoodLeaf Farms receives $78 million financing from CIBC and Farm Credit Canada to expand indoor farms across Canada, increasing production of pesticide-free leafy greens

Growing Sustainable Food: GoodLeaf Farms Expands with $78 Million Financing (198 characters) CIBC and Farm Credit Canada provide $78 million financing to GoodLeaf Farms, enabling expansion of indoor farms to meet the rising demand for locally grown, nutrient-dense greens

Ontario Farm Organizations Oppose Bill 97's Impact on Farmers (181 characters) National Farmers Union - Ontario, Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and Christian Farmers Federation oppose Bill 97, which threatens farmland by allowing non-farm uses in agricultural areas