The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) joined Samasama 2023, a multilateral exercise hosted by the US Navy and the Philippine Navy 

The objective of Samasama 2023 is to foster cooperation among like-minded countries and promote a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific 

JS Akebono, a vessel from the JMSDF, was deployed to participate in this exercise 

The JMSDF aimed to enhance its tactical capabilities through this multilateral exercise 

Mutual understanding among participating navies was a key focus for the Japanese marine force 

Samasama 2023 took place near Manila and Legazpi cities and consisted of two phases: the Harbor Phase and the Sea Phase 

During the Harbor Phase (October 2-7), participants exchanged expertise on topics like maritime domain awareness, international law, and medical practices 

The Sea Phase (October 8-13) included practical exercises such as search and rescue and replenishment at sea 

The JMSDF's participation in Samasama 2023 marked its fourth involvement in the exercise since 2019 

The exercise aimed to strengthen trust and relationships with other participating navies