Despite high mortgage rates and home prices, only 2.6% of all mortgages in the U.S. were delinquent in June, remaining at a historic low 

None of the U.S. states posted an annual increase in delinquency rates in June 

Mortgage delinquencies tend to increase in areas affected by natural disasters, and they can remain elevated for months 

Experts suggest that mortgage delinquency rates are likely to remain at historic lows for the rest of the year 

Annual home prices increased by 1.6% in June, marking the 137th straight month of year-over-year gains 

The states with the highest average home prices in June were California ($720,000), Washington D.C. ($680,000), and Massachusetts ($583,500) 

Rising home prices are seen as a reflection of a resilient economy, a strong job market, and robust consumer spending 

Despite high home prices, there are still affordable housing options in various states, with West Virginia being the most affordable 

Some states have experienced a decrease in typical house prices over the last two years, potentially indicating a trend toward more affordable housing