South Florida's summers bring hot and humid weather along with a common problem: mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes can make outdoor activities unbearable for residents like Kate Kuhner from West Palm Beach 

There are numerous options available for mosquito control in the region 

DEET, a highly effective ingredient approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, is recommended by experts like Steve Fazekas 

Commercial repellents containing DEET are popular due to their proven efficacy 

Citronella candles and certain plants like lemon grass are natural alternatives known for their mosquito repelling properties 

Using a big fan to create a strong breeze can be more effective than relying solely on citronella candles 

Inadequate prevention measures can lead to a significant mosquito infestation 

Taking proactive steps and utilizing available options can reduce the impact of mosquitoes 

Finding an effective strategy, whether it's DEET-based repellents or natural alternatives, is crucial for mosquito control in South Florida