North Korea issues a warning of a preemptive nuclear strike in response to the arrival of a U.S. aircraft carrier in South Korea 

The USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group recently docked in South Korea's port of Busan, a move seen as a show of force against North Korea 

North Korea's state-run news agency, KCNA, called the arrival of the U.S. aircraft carrier an "undisguised military provocation" leading to potential catastrophic consequences 

KCNA suggests that the presence of the aircraft carrier signals an advancement in the U.S. plan for a potential attack on North Korea 

In response to the aircraft carrier's arrival, Pyongyang threatens to employ its nuclear doctrine, which allows for preemptive strikes 

Over the years, North Korea has been steadily building its nuclear arsenal and adopting a more aggressive nuclear policy 

A recent law passed in North Korea designates the country as a nuclear weapons state and allows for preemptive strikes if attempts are made to remove Kim Jong-un from power 

The U.S. and South Korea have conducted joint military drills in the region despite strong objections from North Korea 

North Korea perceives these joint drills as preparations for war and has conducted more than 100 missile tests in response to U.S.-South Korea joint exercises 

The situation in the Korean Peninsula remains tense, with North Korea's warning of a preemptive nuclear strike heightening concerns about regional stability