OpenAI has officially launched internet-browsing functionality for ChatGPT after a beta period that lasted for three weeks 

ChatGPT, a widely popular AI chatbot, was previously limited to data up to September 2021, making it ineffective as a real-time search engine 

OpenAI began integrating internet services into ChatGPT in March, despite the inherent risks associated with uncurated live web content 

In May, web search capabilities were introduced via Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, OpenAI's corporate backer 

Access to the ChatGPT mobile app for web search was extended in late June 

Initially, the web search feature was temporarily removed after it was discovered that ChatGPT could display paywalled content 

OpenAI reintroduced the Browse with Bing feature in late September, with improved adherence to content owners' instructions through Robots.txt files 

This feature is now officially available to all Plus and Enterprise subscribers without the need to toggle beta settings 

OpenAI also transitioned DALL-E 3 into beta, a text-to-image generator that integrates with ChatGPT to enhance image creation based on text prompts 

Users can now enjoy DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT without switching between apps, making it more convenient for text-based queries and image generation