Larry Ellison announced an expanded partnership between Oracle and Microsoft, making it easier for Microsoft Azure customers to use Oracle's cloud database technology 

Berkshire Hathaway's utility companies are adopting Oracle's Fusion Cloud applications, showing trust in Oracle's cloud solutions 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers unique features, including a non-blocking ultrafast RDMA network, automated data centers, and advanced B2B e-commerce solutions 

OCI is excelling in AI infrastructure, with over $4 billion in AI training contracts and faster AI model training compared to other cloud providers 

Oracle's cloud applications business is thriving, with significant contracts expected in the healthcare sector 

OCI's profitability is maintained through cost-performance advantages and competitive pricing 

Oracle's CEO, Safra Catz, expressed confidence in OCI's growth and market share expansion 

The partnership between Oracle's Exadata and Microsoft's Azure offers enhanced performance, scalability, and flexibility in cloud computing 

Customers can seamlessly integrate Oracle databases with Azure services, leading to cost savings and enhanced security features 

The Exadata and Azure partnership has gained market acceptance, including utility companies standardizing on Oracle's Fusion Cloud applications running on Exadata and Azure