Portugal's parliament has advanced a bill that may end citizenship rights for descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled during the Spanish Inquisition 

The bill, supported by the Socialist Party, passed its first reading and is set for review by the Constitutional Affairs Committee 

Justice Minister Catarina Sarmento e Castro considers the law a "duty of historical reparation" but suggests its purpose has been fulfilled 

Discussions in parliament may extend the application deadline to December 31, 2024 

Around 262,000 individuals applied for citizenship by the end of 2022, with approximately 75,000 receiving it 

Despite stricter regulations in 2022, over 74,000 applied for citizenship, including nearly 21,000 Israeli citizens 

Some parliament members have reservations about closing the citizenship pathway 

The Communist Party questions the law's continued relevance, while the Social Democratic Party suggests addressing abuses instead of repealing it 

Portugal introduced this citizenship route in 2015, demanding a clear criminal record and a verifiable Sephardic lineage certificate 

Tighter regulations were introduced following allegations of fraud and corruption, impacting the application process and causing divisions within the Jewish communities