President Joe Biden delivered a significant speech in Arizona, where he raised concerns about existential threats to US democracy and urged voters to prioritize American institutions 

He specifically highlighted the "MAGA movement" as an extremist movement that poses a danger to democracy, emphasizing the current influence of MAGA Republican extremists within the Republican Party 

Biden accused today's Republican Party of being driven and intimidated by these extremists, warning that their extreme agenda could fundamentally alter American democratic institutions 

This speech marked one of Biden's most forceful attempts to call out former President Donald Trump's antidemocratic behavior since Trump faced criminal charges related to the 2020 election 

Biden criticized Trump's approach, stating that the former president was guided by "vengeance and vindictiveness" rather than upholding the Constitution or decency 

He expressed concern over the silence of Republicans regarding Trump's suggestion that Gen. Mark Milley could be executed, highlighting the need for accountability 

Biden reaffirmed his commitment to preserving democratic institutions and values, emphasizing that democracies can erode when people remain silent 

The location of the speech in Tempe, Arizona, held significance due to the state's role in Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results 

President Biden emphasized his dedication to free and fair elections and condemned political violence, underscoring the importance of putting the country first 

The speech came at a time of political uncertainty for Biden, who faces questions about his age, approval ratings, and an impeachment inquiry into his son, Hunter