The annual cost to retire comfortably in the U.S. can vary by as much as $66,000 between states due to differences in living costs 

Hawaii is the most expensive state for retirees, with an estimated annual cost of $121,228. It's the only state where retirees need to spend six figures 

Hawaii's high cost of living is attributed to its remote location, resulting in higher transportation costs, and limited land availability, which drives up housing expenses 

Mississippi stands out as the most affordable state for retirees, with an estimated annual cost of $55,074. Low home prices and property taxes contribute to its affordability 

States with the lowest retirement costs, such as Mississippi, tend to be rural, where home prices are generally cheaper compared to urban hubs 

In Alaska, the annual cost of a comfortable retirement is $81,796, making it one of the more expensive states for retirees 

The District of Columbia ranks high on the list with an annual cost of $99,980, largely due to its urban nature and high living expenses 

Southern states like Arkansas and Louisiana provide affordable retirement options with estimated annual costs of $58,854 and $60,940, respectively 

Iowa and Missouri are among the affordable Midwestern states for retirees, with estimated annual costs of $57,485 and $58,724, respectively