Alyssa Henry, CEO of Square, is set to step down from her position next month 

She has been part of Block, the fintech company headed by Jack Dorsey, for over nine years 

The official date for Alyssa Henry's departure as Square's chief executive is October 2 

Square is a payments solutions arm of Block, which also oversees the popular Cash App platform among other business units 

Jack Dorsey, currently the Block Head and Chairperson, will take on the additional role of "Square Head 

The exact reason for Alyssa Henry's resignation remains undisclosed 

Alyssa Henry played a significant role in transforming Square into a software-led technology company during her tenure as CEO 

She provided leadership through the uncertainties of global pandemic lockdowns 

Alyssa Henry's contributions expanded the range of services Square offers to small businesses worldwide 

Block expressed gratitude for Alyssa's leadership and wished her success in her future endeavors. Henry had previously worked at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft before joining Square