Starbucks faces a lawsuit alleging that some of its Refresher fruit beverages do not contain the fruit ingredients indicated in their names 

U.S. District Judge John Cronan in Manhattan refused Starbucks' request to dismiss nine out of the 11 claims in the proposed class action 

Judge Cronan stated that a significant portion of reasonable consumers would expect Starbucks' fruit drinks to actually contain the fruits mentioned in their names 

Consumers complained that several Starbucks Refreshers, including Mango Dragonfruit and Strawberry Açai, lacked the advertised fruit ingredients 

Plaintiffs from New York and California alleged that Starbucks' misleading product names led to overcharging, violating consumer protection laws 

Starbucks argued that their product names referred to flavors, not ingredients, and that their menu boards accurately represented the flavors 

The judge disagreed, noting that terms like 'mango,' 'passionfruit,' and 'açaí' typically represent both flavor and ingredient 

Starbucks' argument that reasonable consumers would not be confused was rejected by the judge 

The judge dismissed a fraud claim but allowed the lawsuit to proceed on other grounds, potentially involving at least $5 million in damages 

Starbucks refuted the allegations, describing them as inaccurate and without merit, and expressed its intent to defend itself in the lawsuit