Border Patrol has seen a significant increase in individuals with matches on the U.S. terror watchlist crossing the U.S.-Mexico border 

In fiscal year 2023, there were 151 such apprehensions, an all-time high 

There have been no indications that individuals affiliated with Hamas have been arrested along the U.S.-Mexico border 

However, available data doesn't reveal specific details about the individuals on the terror watchlist 

A hit on the terror watchlist doesn't guarantee that the person is a known or suspected terrorist 

It could include family members, associates, or individuals linked to non-terrorist organizations 

Migrants with terror database hits come from various countries, including Colombia and Venezuela, and may have associations with domestic guerilla fighters, not international terrorist groups 

Individuals with matches on the FBI terror watchlist are typically detained while the government verifies the accuracy of the match 

While terror watchlist hits have increased, they represent a very small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally each year, accounting for fewer than 0.01% 

Encounters with individuals on the FBI terror watchlist are more common along the U.S.-Canada border, despite lower levels of unauthorized migration there 

The increase in migrants arriving from multiple countries has complicated border and immigration security, according to a DHS threat assessment for 2024 

The rise in apprehensions of migrants from the Eastern Hemisphere has added to border security challenges, requiring more vetting and processing 

Terrorists Exploiting U.S.-Mexico Border