Donald Trump denies any connection to lawyer Sidney Powell, who made baseless election fraud allegations in 2020 

Trump posted a statement on his Truth Social platform stating Powell was never his attorney and was not authorized to represent him 

Powell recently pleaded guilty to six charges in Georgia related to election interference 

She agreed to pay a fine, write an apology letter, and cooperate with prosecutors 

Another lawyer, Kenneth Chesebro, took a plea deal and agreed to testify against his co-defendants 

Trump faces 13 counts in the Fulton County case but has pleaded not guilty 

Powell made wild claims about the election, including saying she would "release the Kraken" to expose fraud 

Despite an earlier tweet mentioning her as part of his legal team, Trump's campaign clarified she was not working for them 

Trump mentioned that Powell had previously represented Michael Flynn, who was later pardoned by him 

Trump is facing a total of 91 criminal charges across four jurisdictions and denies any wrongdoing in all cases