Former US President Donald Trump allegedly shared classified information about US nuclear submarines with an Australian billionaire businessman after leaving office 

The New York Times reported this incident, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter 

The Australian businessman in question is Anthony Pratt, who leads one of the world's largest packaging companies 

ABC News initially broke the story, revealing that Pratt subsequently shared sensitive details about US submarines with numerous individuals, including foreign officials and journalists 

Sources suggest that Trump's disclosures could have potentially jeopardized the security of the US nuclear fleet 

Federal prosecutors investigating Trump for possessing classified material at his Mar-a-Lago club have interviewed Pratt twice regarding this incident 

Pratt may be called as a witness in Trump's upcoming classified documents trial in Florida, scheduled for next May 

Pratt met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago in April 2021, where he suggested that Australia should consider buying submarines from the US 

In response, Trump reportedly disclosed specific information about the capabilities of US nuclear submarines 

Trump has not yet responded to these revelations, while he faces multiple other legal challenges, including indictments related to election efforts and financial matters