Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have reached a temporary custody agreement for their two daughters following Turner's petition for their return to England 

The custody arrangement involves alternating periods of 1½ to three weeks for each parent, extending until January 7, as outlined in a court document 

Turner will have custody of their daughters from October 9 to October 21, while Jonas will have custody from October 21 to November 2 

The children will spend Thanksgiving with Jonas and Christmas and New Year's with Turner 

Both parents are permitted to temporarily travel with their children to the United Kingdom or any U.S. state during their allocated time 

A second interim consent order has been filed, and the estranged couple has until December 23 to provide an update on their plans 

Sophie Turner claimed that the children have lived in England since April 2023, as the couple decided to make it their permanent home 

Turner and Jonas are engaged in mediation with U.S. and UK co-mediators to reach an amicable resolution regarding custody 

This temporary arrangement doesn't resolve the judge's decision on Turner's petition for returning the children to England 

The custody dispute arose after Turner's lawsuit against Jonas, accusing him of withholding their daughters' passports and preventing their return to England