The Biden administration has pledged $425 million in military assistance for Ukraine 

This aid aims to strengthen Ukraine's capabilities amid ongoing Russian aggression during the winter 

Ukraine's top military commander recently warned of a "stalemate" in the country's counteroffensive 

The assistance package includes up to $125 million worth of weapons and military supplies from U.S. defense stocks 

Part of this package had been authorized in prior fiscal years, according to the Pentagon 

The package also consists of $300 million worth of laser-guided munitions to counter drones, sourced from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative 

Military aid for Ukraine has become a contentious topic among Republicans 

President Biden's proposed $106 billion package for Israel and Ukraine faces resistance from some congressional Republicans 

New House Speaker Mike Johnson supports aid to Ukraine but insists it should be separate from funding for Israel and have specific conditions 

The Department of Defense continues to urge Congress to provide additional funding to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia's aggression