In the past 24 hours, both Stellantis and GM have made wage offers matching Ford's 23% increase over the four-year contract period 

The union president, Fain, believes that the automakers can offer more than what they have presented so far 

Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant, the largest and most profitable Ford factory globally, has been shut down due to the union's walkout 

Fain accuses the companies of trying to divide the union and create fear and uncertainty among its members 

The companies claim to have made record offers to the UAW, but Fain argues that these are insufficient to compensate for worker losses over the past two decades 

Fain suggests that the fact that companies return with better offers after initially claiming their offers are the best indicates there is room for negotiation 

GM states that it has made substantial movements in key areas to reach a final agreement with the UAW 

Ford asserts that its contract offers to the UAW have been the most generous among the three automakers 

All three companies emphasize their inability to increase labor costs to the point where it hampers their investments in new vehicles and factories 

The UAW seeks 36% raises over four years and a traditional defined-benefit pension plan for workers hired after 2007