UBS estimates a financial hit of approximately $17 billion from its emergency takeover of Credit Suisse 

The rushed deal may have affected UBS's due diligence, according to a regulatory filing 

UBS flagged a total negative impact of around $13 billion in fair value adjustments of the new combined entity's assets and liabilities 

There is a potential $4 billion hit from litigation and regulatory costs related to the takeover 

UBS expects to offset the financial impact by booking a one-off gain of $34.8 billion from "negative goodwill."

The emergency acquisition of Credit Suisse by UBS was brokered by Swiss authorities over a weekend in March 

Credit Suisse was on the verge of collapse due to customer deposit withdrawals and a plummeting share price 

UBS acknowledges that the short time frame for due diligence may have affected its ability to fully evaluate Credit Suisse's assets and liabilities